Powertexcreations - Easycoat Mat 250ml - decoupage glue

Easycoat Mat 250ml - decoupage glue

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Easy coat Mat is a water-based decoupage glue that does not tear or wrinkle the napkin. It dries fast and clear.

Easycoat Mat is perfect to use in combination with color pigments.

It is specially designed for applying napkins etc to almost all surfaces, such as tiles, glass, wood, ceramics, etc…

Easycoat Mat is for indoor projects since it’s not completely waterproof.


* Cover your workplace with plastic.

 * A napkin has several layers: only use the printed layer.

 * Lubricate with a soft brush a thin coat on the surface of your object. Apply      carefully the napkin to it.

* Add a top layer Easy Coat.

* Let dry.

 * Apply a second layer when the first one is completely dry.

 * Clean your brush with water.