Powertex Green 1000gr - Textile hardener

Powertex Green 1000gr - Textile hardener

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Powertex textile hardener Green is an environmentally-friendly, water-based, liquid medium that can replace polyester for fabric hardening.

One can add an extra dimension by dry brushing with color pigment Copper.

Powertex is a universal medium that can be used for all mixed media artwork, fiber art, sculptures, figurines, paintings, home decorations and jewelry.

Powertex is a hardener for all absorbent natural materials such as textiles, paper, cardboard, leather, plush and fiberglass.

It easily mixes with sand, wood powder, to create textures.

It adheres to most materials except Plastic.

To make air drying clay mix Powertex with Stone Art (kind of Paper Mache) or Easy 3Dflex

(forms cracks when dry).

This pre-colored Powertex is weather resistant and can be used for outdoor art.

(Do not pour Powertex in the sink)