Powertex  Transparent 5000gr - textile hardener - distributed in the United States by Powertexcreations

Powertex Universal Medium Transparent 5000g

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Powertex textile hardener Transparent is an environmentally-friendly, water-based, liquid polymer.

Powertex is a universal medium that can be used for all mixed media artwork, fiber art, sculpting, figurines, paintings, home decorations and jewelry.

Powertex is a hardener for all absorbent natural materials such as textiles, paper, cardboard, leather, plush and fiberglass.

It easily mixes with sand, wood powder, to create textures.

It adheres to most materials except Plastic.

Powertex Transparent is a white liquid that dries clear showing the original patterns and colors of fabrics.

You can create your own Powertex color by adding powder pigments. Dissolve the pigments in a little warm water and stir into the Powertex.

Powertex Transparent is NOT weather resistant and is mostly used for indoor artwork. To make it waterproof it needs a coat of Easy Varnish.

Artwork can be painted with color pigments, patina, acrylics or oil paint.

(Do not pour Powertex in the sink)