Stone Art and Easy 3DFlex

Stone Art is a kind of Paper Mache specific developed for Powertex. In combination with Powertex one can create air dry clay, textures in paintings or create a Blue Stone effect (with Powertex Grey).

Easy 3Dflex is an inorganic filling compound, which comes as a powder. Mixed with Powertex or acrylics you can make thick and coarse textures and even achieve 3D effects in paintings and sculptures.

Apply with a pallet knife. The paste dries rock hard when left to dry in the sun or near a heat source or by spraying water or Bister.

Attention : This medium forms cracks when applied in thick layers.

Apply in several thin layers or mix with easy 3DSand to prevent deep cracks.

Stamps or templates can be pressed into the still wet paste.

Stone Art and Easy 3Dflex are non toxic but can dry the skin. The use of gloves or hand cream is recommended.

For more info check our Downloads - How to use Powertex.