How to transfer photos to canvas?

How to transfer pictures on a canvas?  Powerprint is a water-based product that can be used to transfer laser printed images to a canvas, paper, cardboard, fabric, ceramic and Powertex treated surfaces. Any text or picture will come out as a mirror image; so make sure that you need a reversed version of the image to work with.

Print on 80 gr mat paper instead of shiny or photo paper.

For the best result the surface you are transferring your picture to should be of a light color and dry.

Best is to use a soft brush to apply a layer of Powerprint. First apply Powerprint onto your canvas or support and then also onto the image side of your picture or text.

Place face down onto your canvas and press firmly using a roller or even a credit card. There may not be any air bubbles left between the canvas and the picture.

Dry with a hair dryer for 10 minutes. It is like the ink gets ‘baked’ into your canvas.

Let it cool off.

To remove the paper layer, use a damp sponge or your fingers so that only the ink remains. Do this carefully to not damage the transferred image.

When there is still a fuzzy appearance after drying, wipe it softly! with a damp sponge.

When after drying it still looks milky white, apply a thin layer of Powerprint.

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How to transfer pictures to canvas