Stone Art

Fish in Stone Art and Paperdecoration, dry brushed with Terra Green Colortrix by Regine Dossche
Stone Art is a kind of paper-mâché with a very specific composition to work with Powertex.
You can use Stone Art in different ways:
  • Making air dry clay

  • Cracked clay with pigments

  • Creating texture on canvas or any other support

  • Polishing to create a blue-stone effect.

Please note that the powder is not weather proof and will rinse of when wet. If you are planning to place your sculptures outside apply at least 3 layers of Easy Varnish when your sculpture is complete hardened.

Create a bronze effect by rubbing a little Powertex Bronzegold onto the Powertex Bronze statue. Then by brushing it with Powercolor Green or Turquoise a wonderful bronze imitation can be created.

 Click here to be directed to the instruction page How to Use Stone Art.

Sculpture with Powertex Bronze and Stone Art by Regine Dossche