Lime Green 40ml - color pigment

Lime Green 40ml - color pigment

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Powder pigments to mix with Powertex Transparent fabric hardener to create your own Powertex color .

Mix a little warm water into the 40 ml pigment jar and stir. When the mixture is fully mixed, add it to Powertex 1000 g and stir. 

Mix with Easy Varnish to obtain a waterproof paint.

The color pigments also adhere to damp Stone Art clay.

The content of the jars is 40 ml. The specific gravity of the pigments is uneven, therefore the weight in every jar may be different.

The powder pigments are also used to finish a Powertex sculpture. Mix them with Easy Varnish, wipe the brush on a cloth or paper towel to remove the excess, and apply with a flat wide brush.

All pigments can be turned into metallic by adding Powerpearl.