How to use Powertex fabric/textile hardener?

Never worked with Powertex and related products before? No problem.

Follow the instructions and you will be surprised with the many possibilities and techniques. 


Powertex universal medium is an absolute MUST HAVE for all MIXED MEDIA

* Powertex is a textile hardener (liquid medium), ready to use. Always shake the bottle well before use. Any residue left at the bottom can be loosened by using a dowel or by adding a little warm water; shake well. On chilly days, put the bottle in a warm area to make it more fluid.

* The pre-colored Powertex is weather resistant and can be left outdoors even during winter. Once cured Powertex can withstand temperatures of -83°C. However, for added protection one can apply a coat of Easy Varnish or exterior varnish after 10 to 14 days of indoor curing.

* Powertex Transparent is not weather resistant and need to be protected with 2 layers of Easy Varnish or marine varnish.

* Powertex Transparent is a white liquid that dries clear showing the original patterns and colors of fabrics.

* Powertex is a thermoplastic and will always be sensitive to temperature changes. With warm weather it will become softer and with dry or chilly weather it will harden again.

* The time to dry depends of the environment, the warmer the faster Powertex hardens. Humidity also has influence on the drying process of Powertex.

* Powertex is not frost free while liquid. Don’t store or transport below 0°C!

  Minimum working temperature for Powertex is 10°C

* Store Powertex at room temperature

* Do not pour in the sink.

Good to know :

Powertex adheres to almost anything except plastic; that’s why we recommend covering your work space with plastic.

Protect your clothing as, once dry Powertex will not come out of fabric. Gloves (latex or vinyl) are great to keep the hands clean. Working without gloves is also possible. Handy tip, first grease your hands with a nice hand cream, makes it easier to wash them afterwards with warm water and soap


To cover a frame for figurines:

  • Cut a piece of T-shirt or another natural fabric into strips (preferably natural materials such as cotton, wool).
  • Dip the fabric into the desired color Powertex.
  • Wring out well making sure that the fabric is completely saturated with Powertex.
  • Wrap the strips around a wire frame or armature.
  • Dress up the statue.
  • Let dry and finish with Powercolor, Colortricx or acrylics. (See Drybrush techniques)


Powertex can also be used as a medium to paint in combination with Stone Art, Easy3Dflex and other powders such as pigments. For directions see How to Use Stone Art or How to use Easy 3Dflex.



Also You can create this painting with the step by step instructions.

Click Here to watch the video Powertex Mixed Media Instructional video by Regine Dossche