Powertex  Powerwax - Cold wax painting medium -250gr

Powertex Powerwax - Cold wax painting medium -250gr

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Powerwax is a cold  wax painting medium, water based. This cold wax doesn’t smell or irritates the eyes, which can be an issue with bee wax.

Powerwax is like a gel medium which dries transparent when no color pigments or paint is added.

Powertex wax is an artist quality that can be diluted with water and be mixed with Powertex, acrylic paint, pigment powders, metallic pigments, 3DSand, dyes and other compatible art materials. The proportions of medium to pigment depend largely on the characteristics of the pigments and the desired effects.

Powder pigments will appear more intense than when dry.

Applying Powerwax mixed with Bister gives a translucent effect on the underlying layers.

To create a structural medium (heavy gel) mix the wax with all kind of natural absorbent powders such as 3DSand, Easy 3Dflex or a lot of pigments and sculpt with a palette knife.

It is also possible to scratch into wet or dry wax.

Crackles can be filled with Powerwax. Special effects can be created by filling up the cracks formed by Easy 3Dflex with a contrasting color.

Dry time depends on the thickness of the wax layer.

Once dry you can polish your artwork with a soft cloth which gives it ' a deeper shine.

Wash tools with warm water and soap.

Contains no VOC.

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